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Vision Creator is partnering with every entrepreneur and investor who is preparing ahead of the future changes that technology will bring.

Vision Creator has the faith that technology will inevitably transform the quality of life, and we would like to shape the future with innovators who strive to seize the opportunity of the new world despite the uncertainty of today.

We make the whole world to recognize the fundamental value of the ideas leading the world so that the contribution of innovators can become significant.


Mankind has always adapted to technological progress and technology will bring changes that are inevitable.
We are committed to the sound development of the entire ecosystem that technology will bring.

Data revolution will create a new form of wealth, furthermore, Vision Creator would compose the future with innovators who will be leading rapid changes. Vision Creator places value on long-term vision rather that short-term vision through focusing on the creation of own vision.

The pace of change nowadays is ten times faster than it was in several decades ago, and human is the main driver of these changes. Vision Creator pursues excellence through perfectionism, ethical standards that maintain a high level of its own and open-minded attitude to create a larger ecosystem by collaborations rather than competitions.


In-depth research and analysis



Vision Creator believes that in-depth research should be the basis of value investing, deep analysis should be the motivation of discovering the hidden value of project and company, and active collaborations and partnerships should be the drivers of the growth of projects.

Vision Creator believes that a team with intrinsic value deserves the appropriate evaluation accordingly, and we spare no effort in helping outstanding teams can grow faster and solid. We try to offer objective and fair information for the healthy development of the market.

Under the circumstance that numerous companies and projects outpour, we believe that a team with intrinsic value deserves the attention from investors in the market.
We expect from Vision Creator that more accurate information will be accessible to investors in this market and we strive for a healthy investment culture to take root.