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Vision Creator shares the culture and the concept of talent as follows.

1) High Standard of Professional Ethics

Ethics is the first thing we deliver when you get to join our company. Ethics refers to a code of behavior that is considered correct as a human being.
We are looking for someone who has own ethical standards of what they believe to be right though no one asks or supervises them and has internalized value in life to follow it.

2) Passion and Perfectionism

Our company wants an expert. We believe that an expert indicates a person who perfectly manages own responsibilities actively with passion and it does not simply mean that they worked for many years in relevant field. Thus, we pursue intense perfectionism.

One should have a high standard of own completeness and a pride of having the most information, the deepest concern and review in the world on a specific project or issue.

3) Autonomy and Performance

We have a culture that we judge and move autonomically to accomplish given tasks or to solve problems. If you are accustomed to working by receiving directions, you may feel uncomfortable working with us.
We expect members of Vision Creator to achieve the best results autonomously.

4) Individual Growth

In the process of autonomically searching for the answer to the problem, you can get lost or sometimes you may make a mistake. However, we believe that a painful experience of failure can also be a great stepping stone for a long-term growth. Therefore, we support the individual growth and we need someone who desire to work and grow with us.

5) Objective Discussion and Flexibility

Discussion is solely based on a conclusion based on logic and verifiable fact excluding emotions. If there appears a reason or logic that disproves your conclusion, you need to have the flexibility to accept it.

6) Respect and Fairness to All

We are sick and tired of the culture of power trip and a small salary for working passionately, which is prevalent in our society.
We want every colleague working together or partner in cooperation, can have a mutual respect and get a fair reward for their work. We sincerely hope that the members of Vision Creator and partners can grow along with the company.